Coronavirus Safety Procedures

The Committee has been following advice from the BRC over best practice concerning Coronavirus at our Open Shows.  These procedures may change at any time as matters evolve.  Procedures will be tightened further at our next Show on 13 September. Please note:-

Due to coronavirus restrictions and in line with BRC guidance, we will only be allowing the rider plus one helper for each horse. In addition to this, one extra additional person will be permitted per junior (under 16) or disabled rider.

We will be stopping EVERY vehicle at the gate to check the number of people in the vehicle. We will only accept separate vehicles which accompany Lorries with multi loads from yards and all persons must remain with their own bubble of people.

If you have too many people, you will have the option for you to cancel entries on the day and not receive a refund or the additional people can leave the showground


Absolultely no hanging around the Rings will be permitted we need to keep everyone Safe and the club MUST be seen to be doing the right thing.

1 Metre Plus Rule applies and anyone not adhering will be asked to distance once if we have to ask again you will be asked to leave.

For everybody in the showing classes the 1 metre Plus rule applies.  Please do not approach the judge unless requested.


Please feel free to wear face coverings.

The rules SEEM harsh however these are the RULES and if you wish to help secure the future events and club please follow them.