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The Show-Jumping Championships of Great Britain
Seniors: Friday 11th – Sunday 13th August 2017
Juniors: Saturday 26th – Monday 28th August 2017

How To Qualify
Jump a double clear round in classes 3-6 to qualify.
A double clear round consists of jumping without faults, in both round one and the jump off, for the class.

How Do I Enter?
Once qualified, you will receive a qualifying card from our show-jumping judge, which will include details on how to enter the Cricklands Championships of Great Britain.
You will need to enter at the height you have qualified at.

How Much Will This Cost Me?
You will need a £10 deposit to send in with your entry form.
To enter your chosen class, you will pay as little as £104 for a complete package.

What Do I Pay For?
The Championships consist of 3 days of events.
Your package includes two heat classes for your championship, 3 speed classes, as well as accommodation for your horse and a pitch for yourself.
Other items included in your package are listed within the links below.

Where Are The Championships Held?
The David Broome Event Centre,
Mount Ballan Manor,
NP26 5XP


Phone Number
01291 418125 (Opt 3)


Championship Schedule