Dressage Comp 29th September 2018

29th September Dressage and Clear Round

We will have

Intro. A

Intro B

Prelim 13

Novice 27

The classes will be Spilt Lead Rein , Junior and Senior

**Intro A **** once this test has finished Hannah will explain the marks and suggest to anyone wishing to do so to ways to improve , you will then have time to practice what you have learned at the end of the classes you will then re do your test and be re marked. To do this will be a extra £2 per person x**

Callers allowed for all classes

Places will be 1st to 6th

Entry is

£8 to ride one Test (additional £2 for training and advice and retest

£15 to ride 2 different tests

Clear Round £3 with Rosettes and height helpers on site to adjust and help you

and everyone is welcome

Entries in advance please

PayPal Wrekinnorth@gmail.com

Any questions please contact Julie Whittingham