Ring 1 – Show-Jumping

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All jumping classes will be two-phase, except in the event of time constraints or excessive entries.

Open to riders of any age, however must be the correct size for their horse/pony.
Juniors and Seniors are judged separately in all show-jumping classes.

Each equestrian combination may only compete in 3 consecutive classes.

Previous trophy winning combinations in Class 1, may compete in this class, but points will not be awarded towards the trophy again.

Qualifiers are listed within their corresponding classes.
Qualifier Information

Starting 9:00am prompt –

Clear Round

Fences set to approximately 1’6” (45cm). Entries taken at the Secretary’s desk ONLY, £3 per round. Last entry taken at 10:45am.

Classes to start 10:00am prompt –

Class 1 – Getting Started

Fences 1’9” (50cm) max. No fillers or back rails included.

Class 2 – Very Novice

Fences 2’0” (60cm) max. No fillers or back rails included.

Class 3 – Circus Sable Novice Stakes

Fences 2’3” (70cm) max. No fillers and some back rails included. Qualifier for Cricklands.

Lunch break to commence after the close of class 3 for 1 hour. Approx 11:30am

Clear Round

Fences set to approximately 2’6” (75cm), with standard back rails, but no fillers. Entries taken at the Secretary’s desk ONLY, £3 a round. To run during lunch break.

Class 4 to commence 1 hour after the close of class 3. Approx 12:30pm

Class 4 – Intermediate

Fences 2’6” (75cm) max, to include fillers. Qualifier for Cricklands.

Class 5 – Small Open

Fences 2’9” (85cm) max. Qualifier for Cricklands.

Class 6 – Open

Fences 3’0” (90cm) max. Qualifier for Cricklands.