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TSR Regional Finals
Central Finals: Sunday 3rd September 2017

How To Qualify
Place 1st or 2nd in a qualifying class to qualify.

How Do I Enter?
Ridden Showing: If you qualify, you will receive a qualifying card from the judge or steward.
In-Hand Showing: BEFORE ENTERING A QUALIFYING CLASS, you will need to have an In-Hand signature sheet for yourself. If you qualify, you will need to ensure the judge or steward signs your sheet in the ring.

You can then enter a class through the TSR website. The schedule for each Regional Final will be online to select your class. You can enter the finals with any horse/pony. Don’t send away your qualifying card or signature sheet.

How Much Will This Cost Me?
Prices vary to enter, but you will pay from £10 for each class.

What Do I Pay For?
The Regional Finals will progress throughout a single day.
You will pay a cost for each class you enter.

Where Are The Regional Finals Held?
There are Finals held within each region of the UK, however our local Finals are the Central Finals, held at:

Rodbaston Equestrian Centre,
ST19 5PH


Phone Number
0844 8707392


Central Finals Schedule