Training Evenings

 Designed to allow both members and non-members a chance to test out our show-jumping course or have a go at a dressage test, our Training Evenings will be held on almost every Friday prior to an open show. Set dates are listed below, and are in place in our event calendar.

April 28th
May 19th
June 23rd
July 28th ***CANCELLED***
August 18th

**NEW DATE** 15th September

Clear Round
£4 a round, or 3 for £10

For the duration of the evening, a full show-jumping course of at least 10 obstacles, will be set up for competitors to enter. They can be adjusted to any height to suit you, however we do advise bringing someone on the ground to help adjust the jumps and fillers for you, alongside our team on the ground. There will also be a selection of fillers to use if needed. All attempts at the course made without faults, will receive a clear round rosette.

‘Have a Go’ Dressage
£4 a round, or 2 for £7

Throughout the evening, we will also have a full sized dressage arena laid out, with letters and boards, to allow competitors to run through a selection of dressage tests. There will be a knowledgeable dressage trainer, rider or judge available to mark a sheet for you and provide you with feedback or advice on your test, as well as people available to call your test for you if needed. Each evening will have an intro, 2 prelim and a novice available to try, of which you will receive your sheet and a rosette for. If you wish to use the arena to practise your own test, we do allow this free of charge, however this is only available if there is no one waiting to try our chosen tests. The tests we plan to run will be announced at least 2 weeks before the evening, so keep up to date by checking in the calendar or monitoring our Facebook page