AGM Minutes


Annual General Meeting


The Pheasant Inn



The meeting opened at 7.00 pm on 23 October 2019


  1.  The outgoing Chair, Peter Morris welcomed members and presented his Review of the Club activities for a very successful 2019.

2.  Julie Whittingham proposed a vote of thanks to Peter Morris for his year as Chair and was delighted that he was able to continue as a member for the forthcoming year albeit in a more relaxed role.

3.  Julie Whittingham then presented the Secretaries report and the plans for the future of the Club and it’s activities for 2020 including the forthcoming indoor Winter Series

4.    The Treasurer’s Report for the year ended 30 September 2019 was presented by  Treasurer Diane Rohan. She noted that the Club had enjoyed a profitable year and now had good reserves for the future.  She reminded members that the Club was a not for profit organisation and as such all surplus funds would be reinvested in improving facilities for members.

5.  The following members were elected to the Committee for 2020:-


Peter Morris, Dave Gwilliam, Julie Whittingham, Andrea Edge, Diane Rohan, Kelly Anson, Claire Goodwin, Jessica Maddocks, Sally Howse, Amy Glover, Julia Passey, Claire Coulson, Sarah Childs, Amanda Hotchkiss Jason Childs, Catherine Lloyd


The following Committee offices were filled

Chair-Dave Gwilliam

Vice Chair-Sally Howse

Secretary-Julie Whittingham

Treasurer- Di Rohan

Commercial Secretary-Amy Glover

Showjumping-Sarah Childs

Maintenance-Jason Childs

Membership-Claire Goodwin

Tiny Trotters-Kelly Anson

Judges-Peter Morris


6.  There being no further business the meeting closed.